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Sneaking interviews while working


I would imagine if your job sucked, and you management always tortured you with threats of being fired half the time for the smallest infraction, taking time off to interview would be hazardous. Last time I had to do this, the job market was a lot better than it is now, so after about 2-3 interviews, I'd have a job offer in hand. It was also easier because I had so many insane on-call shifts that I could always claim, "Yeah... I got paged last night, and was up until 3am. So I am going to crash and work from home at around noon." Then at 9am, I'd interview, and by noon, I'd be back home "refreshed." My boss was stunned, "When the HELL did we give you time to look for work?" If I had to look for a job now? I would imagine 2-3 interviews would be a luxury. I know people out of work going to an interview a week for months and months and STILL don't have a job.I was lucky. But I am seeing more and more people in terrible job situations where they have to have doctor's notices for sick days, or no vacation (contract work), and they don't want to let their current job know they are looking for a way out because... well, I think you guys know a variety of reasons it wouldn't end well. At a former job, we fired a guy for pretty much not concealing he was looking for another job (but he was fired for "other reasons" wink-wink).I am guessing sick days play a hand. But that gets kind of old?

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